Monday, March 22, 2004

Take The Ride - A Metaphor For Love

A child dreams from age 2 to age 12 about going to Disney World. Finally the parents say "We're going to Disney World". After years of waiting, wanting, and panicking that it will never happen, the child arrives at Disney World. It is hot. The waiting in lines begins. The child had not thought of all these messy details. The child realizes the Roller Coaster ride is like 1% as long as the wait. And come to think of it the the child thinks the Roller Coaster is as scary as it is exciting.

The child must resolve that taking the ride is better than not taking it. Even though the end of the ride will be a DESPERATE feeling, the experience of riding the Roller Coaster is one all children should have. The child must then find the wisdom and the courage to enjoy the ride. Also,to practice self-awareness during the ride. As the child will learn more about themself from taking the ride. The child must activly resist obsessing on the ride's end and thereby miss the joys, lessons and brief rush of glory that the ride has to offer.

I am this child.

Oh well, I'm a long way from Orlando, Florida this morning. Yet only a 10 minute walk away...

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Last Time

Do you ever, in the midst of a moment of one of your most cherished activities, find yourself saying - "There will be a last time I get to do this." Or worse- "This may be the last time I get to do this." ??? I do. Yikes!!!

Note to Self:

1. Some people never get these most cherished moments. They can only dream about them. I have had cherished moments. I got to passionately kiss the guy I wanted to kiss. That's a gift from the universe that many people never receive.
2. Be grateful for the moment in the moment and don't step out of the moment to try and hold onto it. I guess.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Sandstone Hearts

I may need to be reminded of this later but:

I guess just because a love affair may not last forever doesn't mean it isn't worth it at the time, and that I should forget after it ends that it was, for the time it existed, a gift from the universe. Lasting forever is not a good criteria to evaluate the success of anything beacause Nothing! lasts forever. Even the sandstone cliffs of my childhood home have eroded and changed so much that someone wouldn't recognize them from looking at a picture taken of them 10 years ago. If rock can change so can the hearts of humans. I remind myself daily to enjoy and be grateful for the moments I have with loved ones.