Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Who Could Have Ever Predicted?

Who could have ever predicted I’d get the storage tubs purchased from Wal*Mart home to find that they are all broken at the hinges? Thus requiring two trips to Wally World in one day? (I declined to make the second trip since being in a Wally world twice in one day is a soulless fate I wouldn’t want for an enemy- let alone myself.) That I’d be able to "snap out of it" and have the head space, positivity and sheer will to want to clean out all the junk in my closets that were required to initiate getting the Wal*Mart bins in the first place?

Who could have ever predicted that I’d be riding from west to east with a view of downtown Ottawa emerging in front of me, in a virtual car with an ailing fig tree and orange tree in the back seat?

Who could have ever predicted that I’d look at my music and say, "Where the F. did I leave off?" and starting to work again. As my friend added, like a voice-over in a classic movie, "There’s something to be said for getting yourself off your ass." That I’d be that prepared to forgive myself my procrastinatings and set backs. That I’d be willing to honour where I’m at personally and creatively. That I’d have the opportunity and gratitude to acknowledge the opportunity to say with a smile and a wink, "I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve been doing while I havn’t been producing records."

Who could have ever predicted that I would later be carrying along Bank St. a total of 3 high heeled shoes (not four) and a pair of jogging pants to my friend for her nudie photo shoot, along with the same orange tree, as my skirt started to fall down to reveal I had no panties on? (How Cheap- but done with such Class!)

Who could have ever predicted that after all the careless and cruel rejections from (in retrospect) immature, uncommunicative, snore-fest eliciting guys who’s "crank I didn’t turn", I would then sit with a guy, who’s hotter and more worldly than all of these previous average-joe suburbian raskals, (and who’s crank I do turn) and eat cat fish for the first time.

And this was just one day. Yesterday!

It is often difficult to notice this as one sits in a sterile office cubicle in the sky, but :

Life is an Adventure.

One never knows what will happen. For good or for bad. Or for Ugly!

It is true (and somewhat haunting too) what Dr. Phil says:

"One year from now you life will either be better or worse than it is today. But it won’t be the same."

I can confirm to anyone who’s thinking of giving in, cow towing, or otherwise going tits up:

When one perserveres (an I do mean perserveres) through the ugly times, Life, God, the Universe, (however one chooses to term it) will reward the person with some goodies, some adventures, some love.

Who would have ever predicted that this morning one of the most persnickety office workers I’ve encountered in a good while would say to me, "By the way, not many people could pull off wearing the colour of eye shadow you’ve got on. But you do it."

A new day of adventure has begun...