Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mackenzie MacBride - Music Video - I'm Not Marilyn Monroe

Welcome to the music video for the song, "I'm Not Mariln Munroe"

Well, to start with, the tiny accordion, "Dusty Diamond" glitters mysteriously at 5:21. (Unscripted glimpses of the sublime...)

The plot of the music video, "I'm Not Marilyn Monroe" is a sort of "return home", and a first walk on the beach for the character who has been away for years. Essentially, she comes back to find her beach, after having found herself. While there, she reunited with a person of significance who she has not been in contact with in a long time. (In real life, this video is the live filming, not a recreation, of Mackenzie MacBride's return to her beach for the first time in almost 10 years.)

The music, lyrics and video have little to do with mainstream pop, rock, indie music, folk etc and everything to do with outsider music and the glamour, quirk, and audatiousness of counter culture art.Featured in this video is the first little stretch of Mackenzie MacBride's secret beach. While she is rumoured to have handed out over 5000! touist guide books in her time, not once did she give anyone the directions to the red sands of her heart."I'm Not Marilyn Monroe" is from the album, "An Outsider's Heart", which can be purchased real cheap from iTunes by following this link: