Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pride Toronto 2009 Part 1 Mackenzie MacBride Montage

Welcome to the video montage for the Pride Toronto 2009 Concert (Part 1)

Part 1 of a Montage of songs from Mackenzie MacBride's Pride Toronto 2009 showcase. The songs performed are, "Curtains Came Down", "I'm Not Marilyn Monroe" and, "Your Flowers Are Still Alive." Includes behind the scenes footage of Mackenzie sharing her comments, which are by turns heartfelt, sharp and whimsical. In Part 1 she talks about her journey as a person and a musician. Of Note: At 7 mins 30 secs, a Random bouquet is handed to Mackenzie at the moment she's about to sing, "Your Flowers Are Still Alive" in memory of Alexandrea Tucker. (Angels at work? We think so!) A rare expose into the world of Canada's woman of "Heart Music". Check out Part 2 as well.