Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mackenzie MacBride - Believe in Love (Mysterious Ways) - Music Video - Official

Welcome to the music video for "Believe in Love (Mysterious Ways)"


A song of hope for all the world to sing!

People have mentioned that this song and video have helped them "scrape themselves off the driveway" of heartache so to speak, so that makes me feel like my dream encouraging hopefulness, despite the odds, is coming true.In some ways I feel I was naive when I made this video, in others ways, I know I am right to still believe... During the film shoot, there were many vivid moments for me. Moments that cut the air like diamonds when they fell. Moments that were too "meant to be" to be coincidence. So many moments that I had to put this video away for a long time. I make art mostly "to understand", and at a point, in the case of this video, I felt I no longer understood. Now, this time later, I better understand all of those events, or at least have accepted them. So here you go.


(Ofcourse whatever you get out of it is great... who's the artist to say...)One possible interpretation is:

The film follows the journey of a woman as she climbs out of heartache and slowly floats up into the hope that she can still find true love.The womans emotional journey is symbolized by her travelling through the cold, bleak and empty streets of earth towards the top of a mountain.On the path the woman finds essentials that she thinks will help her overcome heartache: truth, as symbolized by the see through ya dynamic of the glass mannequin head, willingness to love again, as referenced by the 1980s heart shaped earrings, and music, as depicted by the tiny red accordion known as Cherry Supreme.To her surprise, slowly but surely, she also finds the most important treasure of all, a hopeful spirit, as symbolized by being given feathers for her bare, neglected wing.

She eventually finds enough feathers to fill her entire wing, makes it to the top of the mountain, dances with the angels of love, and flies free of her misery into a sky full of promise.The subtext of the film is the exploration of whether the relationships between shopkeepers and people who've struggled to make real friends are ones of commerce, sincere friendship, mutual self-preservation, or all of the above. (Not these particular shopkeepers, who are obviously cool.)If you like the video then you're invited to join the Mackenzie MacBride Facebook Page which is linked below.


If you like ths song you can buy it for 99 cents on iTunes., also linked below.